Second Level Additions

Add value and more space to your home by adding a second storey

Adding a second story can be tricky and complicated at times

Here are the reasons why:

Better value for your money

Instead of expanding outwards, adding a second storey can be the best decision.

When looking to add space for your growing family and your block has limited area or you’d like to retain the outdoor space you have – a second storey to your home can be a great option to consider. Together we can create a custom design to help get the extra room you need whilst enhancing your existing home.

Why Build a Second Storey Addition?

More Space

Create extra bedrooms, bathrooms or even have the comfort of a home office.

Aesthetic Appeal

It can enhance the look of your house and make it more attractive from the street.

Increase Home Value

Adding a second storey addition will increase the overall size and value of your home.

Whether you're building, renovating, or extending your home, Tribuild can help you achieve your project goals.

Step 1:

Schedule a Free Consultation

Step 2:

We plan your project and deliver the work

Step 3:

You enjoy life with your family in your new space